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HealthFet.com is designed for: A young millennial looking for signs to feel good.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, looking for peace of mind, learning to eat better, or striving for a healthier lifestyle, Health Shot is a friend you can count on. It's a positive effect ... a safe place where you can discuss your most intimate issues and share the tremendous challenges that are affecting your emotional health.

With exceptional eating habits and ways to better take care of your family, how you can feel comfortable in your skin (no matter how flawed it may be), we give you all Want to provide information for more needs.

Never about weight loss and the latest diet, we are your practical guide; your daily well-being. And we will not let you down.

We defend: Cleavage welfare

A healthy body, a happy mind, and a vibrant spirit are where we are!

Reliable information

We prepare our content through host doctors and fitness experts, so we never mislead you.

A safe place

You can share your most troubling health concerns with us.

Community and conversation

Talk, share and listen to like-minded women with unforgettable stories.

Sankhar Murmu About us HealthFet.com Sankhar Murmu

Sankhar Murmu


Sankhar Murmu is registered health in America with a has a B.Sc. and a master’s degree in Human Health. I started as a writer for Authority Health and Fitness in 2017 and transitioned over to HealthFet.Com in 2021. I now manage writer communications, topic selection, and medical review of all Health and Fitness content.

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We know what you want: no-nonsense! And we promise to clean up the mess and let you make the choices you want to know.

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