Top USA and International PCB Manufacturers


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The top USA and International PCB Manufacturers

In this article, PCB manufacturing firms from the USA and other countries are examined. In order to mechanically support and electrically connect a variety of electronic components into a circuit for both reliability and low-cost mass production, printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are used. One insulating layer, often made of fiberglass resin, and two copper planes, one on either side of the insulation, make up a conventional two-layer PCB. At strategic locations, vias (holes) connect the two copper layers. These copper layers are etched into traces (wires). The copper is covered in additional layers for protection, marking, and varied artwork.

Types of PCB Suppliers

An electronics engineer designs the PCB first, which is then made by a PCB manufacturer, an assembler attaches the electronics components to the PCB, and finally a testing procedure for quality assurance.

Some businesses offer all services under one roof. Others just offer one or two services, in which case the consumer would collaborate with a supply chain of various businesses.

PCB Service Centers in the U.S.

While there are numerous small, privately held businesses in the sector that each provide their own PCB manufacturing services, big electronics firms also have integrated PCB departments. Some businesses design PCBs internally while secretly outsourcing PCB production and/or assembly to China. Since much of the information about their operations is confidential, it is challenging to determine how big they really are. As a result, our ranking is determined by a combination of market capitalization and industry-wide brand recognition.

PCB Manufacturing Company Info and Summaries

The American corporation Jabil Inc. provides global manufacturing services. Jabil employs 175,000 employees worldwide and 90 locations spread across 23 nations.

The 1979-founded Plexus Corp. collaborates with businesses to turn their thoughts into branded products and bring them to market. Over 16,000 people work for it worldwide.

A wide variety of PCB solutions are available from TTM Technologies, including manufacturing, flexible PCBs, and extensive testing capabilities.

High-reliability electronics, a variety of testing skills, clean rooms, systems integration, and larger-scale fabrication and assembly know-how are all part of Benchmark Electronics' extensive range of worldwide manufacturing services.

According to Advanced Circuits, the US's third-largest PCB maker. In addition to cavity boards, via-in-pad, microwave & RF boards, up to 40 layers, and heavy copper up to 20 oz., they also provide enhanced PCB manufacturing capabilities.

IEC Electronics Corp., based in Newark, New York, specializes in electronic manufacturing services (EMS) for the military, aerospace, medical devices, and other industrial markets. The company was established in 1966. The business offers services for sophisticated failure analysis, component risk mitigation, and testing and detecting counterfeit electrical parts.

Established in 1980, Murrietta Circuits is a comprehensive provider of PCB manufacturing services with a focus on industrial, medical, and aerospace applications. They offer PCB design, production, assembly, and testing of circuit boards all under one roof.

The 1984-founded company AP Circuits provides a number of fundamental quick-turn PCB fabrication services.

Full-service electronics manufacturer SigmaTron International, Inc. has a network of production sites in the US, Mexico, China, and Vietnam. Appliances, consumer electronics, gaming, fitness, industrial electronics, medical/life sciences, semiconductors, telecommunications, and the automotive industries are among the many markets it supports.

PCB Company Summaries and Info

The third-largest global electronics manufacturing service provider, according to Flex Ltd. PCB design, microelectronics, robotics, and other electronic design services are all provided by Flex.

For the communications, corporate and cloud, industrial, aerospace and defense, renewable energy, health tech, and semiconductor industries, Celestica Inc. provides a variety of engineering solutions. 2016 brought in $6 billion.

A mid-sized provider of end-to-end EMS, SMTC Corporation offers services like PCB fabrication, systems integration, thorough testing, enclosure fabrication, product design, and supply chain management. SMTC has plants in China, Mexico, and the United States.

The leading producer of cutting-edge PCBs for high-end electronic goods is Eltek Ltd. Some of the most cutting-edge electronics in use today, including those for defense, aerospace, and medical purposes, use Eltek technology. Eltek is fully licensed and registered with the Department of State and complies with all requirements for exporting goods and services related to defense.

PCB Manufacturing - Conclusion

The leading domestic and international PCB designers, producers, assemblers, testers, and suppliers are listed above. Visit Thomas Supplier Discovery, where we have a database of more than 1,700 listed PCB firms, for detailed information on U.S.-based commercial and industrial PCB companies.

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