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PCB Manufacturing UK

Reputable PCB manufacturing and prototype circuit board services based in the UK

PCB fabrication and assembly have been the focus of PCB Train for more than 65 years. Like our sister firm, Newbury Electronics, our team is driven by a single goal: to meet every client's electrical systems sourcing needs. This is accomplished by providing high-quality printed circuit boards that are made utilizing processes and technology that are at the forefront of the industry. Every step of our PCB manufacturing process is intended to improve the client's business performance.

PCB Manufacturing UK
PCB Manufacturing UK

A Diverse Solution

Our printed circuit boards are currently powering the newest generation of electrical products in numerous industries. Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, the military, healthcare, food and beverage, laboratories, microelectronics, aerospace, academics, fuels, petrochemicals, chemical, automotive, and power generation are just a few of the industries we work with.

Our overall goal is to shorten the time it takes for our customers' products to hit the market, while also enhancing product quality, preserving intellectual property, increasing first-time pass rates, and lowering costs, emissions, and waste.

All Your PCB Requirements Covered

From the initial whiteboard sketch to the completed box build, PCB Train will supervise every important step of the PCB design process. It's easy to understand why we are the top choice in the UK for a variety of printed circuit board solutions, including PCB fabrication and assembly.

Fast turnaround times, unmatched customer service, and a superior product are all guaranteed when you work with us.

PCB Fabrication

  1. PCB builds from 1 to 12 layers
  2. Thicknesses from 0.5mm to 3.2mm
  3. Choice of materials
  4. Choice of legend and solder resist colors
  5. Silver or gold finish
  6. 100% AOI and electrical test
  7. No additional tooling charges
  8. Fast turnaround deliveries from the next day
  9. Wide choice of production quantities and turnarounds

PCB Assembly

  1. BOM upload and costing (optional)
  2. No additional tooling charges
  3. Free issue parts assembled
  4. SMD machine placement
  5. Any BGA or led parts
  6. Machine selective solder (leaded)
  7. Choice of deliveries
  8. 100% AOI

PCB Stencils

  1. Full-size stencils to fit solder paste machines
  2. Most frame tensioning systems peripheral hole pattern
  3. Low-cost express mini-stencils

PCB Conformal Coating

  1. Automated multi-axis CNC selective coating
  2. Multiple keep-out areas
  3. Any quantity

How much does manufacturing a PCB cost?

A PCB manufacturing cost calculator can be used to estimate the cost of the process. However, depending on the quantity generated, the average cost per PCB assembly unit is between $10 and $50.

Who is the largest PCB manufacturer in the world?

  1. FLEX Flex Ltd.
  2. CLS Celestica Inc.
  3. SMTX SMTC Corporation
  4. ELTK Eltek Ltd.

Is PCB manufacturing profitable?

Strong profit margins — PCB manufacturing and printing are well known for having high-profit margins. Furthermore, it is simpler to launch and run a very successful startup.

PCB Manufacturing UK based

The UK company Quick-teck is based close to Cambridge and specializes in electrical design, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and component procurement.

We comprehend how crucial it might be for a company to launch a product on the market quickly and affordably. Your efficient and trustworthy electronic provider is formed by the combination of our quality, experience, service, and pricing.

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