PCB Manufacturing Companies in the USA

PCB Manufacturing Companies in the USA 

PCBs are in significant demand on a global scale. By 2024, this market may reach $69.4 billion. The demand is being driven in large part by consumer goods.

PCBs are used in more than just phones and appliances, though. Additionally, manufacturers produce goods for the communication and healthcare industries. The aerospace and automobile industries are also shifting as a result.

More changes will soon be available for this sector thanks to the Internet of Things and the 5G market. PCB manufacturers are also using technology to provide new services. They can develop specialized PCBs and components with AI-assisted design. Cost-effectively producing prototypes and short runs is possible with 3D printing. Additionally, several manufacturers now provide complete solutions, which incorporate PCB design and testing.

American data and statistics Industry for Printed Circuit Boards

There are 918 printed circuit board manufacturers in the United States at the moment, according to MNI, the compiler, and publisher of the industrial data that underpins IndustrySelect. 54,080 people were employed in the sector as of July 2022, an increase of 3% over the previous 12 months. Sales for the sector as a whole were predicted to have increased to $37.5 billion in 2022 from $36.4 billion in 2021.

Nearly one-third of PCB producers import their raw materials. Compared to US manufacturing as a whole (only 11%), this percentage is higher. The demand is huge worldwide as well. As a result, whereas only 29% of the manufacturing sector as a whole exports its goods, 41% of printed circuit board producers do so.

The distribution of these enterprises is fairly even across the various regions, with 38% concentrated in the Western US.

Top 10 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

PCB Manufacturing Companies in the USA
PCB Manufacturing Companies in USA

About the Top 10 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

1. Flex, Ltd. With 2,000 people and a location in Austin, Texas, Flex is the biggest PCB maker in the US. This company manufactures PCBs for the automotive industry. Medical equipment and cloud computing solutions are also available. Leading the way in 5G adoption is Flex.

2. Siemens EDA. There are 1,100 workers at this PCB producer. The Wilsonville, Oregon-based business Siemens EDA employs electronic design automation techniques to address challenging problems. Another area of expertise is integrated circuits.

3. TTM Technologies, Inc. 887 people are working for this company in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. High-volume runs and swift production are hallmarks of TTM Technologies. This business creates PCBs for many sectors. Additionally, it produces parts for little appliances.

4. Rockwell Collins, Inc. A PCB provider to the aerospace sector is Rockwell Collins. This Coralville, Iowa firm has experience with defense-related projects. Its 800 staff members have previous infrastructure industry experience.

5. IEC Electronics Corp., based in Newark, New York, employs 740 people. This factory works with complete system assemblies and sophisticated electronics as one of the printed circuit board producers focused on resolving challenging supply chain issues.

6. Benchmark Electronics, Inc. Div. Minnesota Winona. 650 people work at Benchmark Electronics, Inc.'s division in Winona, Minnesota. For the defense sector, they manufacture PCBs. They concentrate on the medical industry and data centers as well. This business also provides testing and integration in addition to PCB design.

7. Lockheed Martin Electronics & Missiles. Ocala, Orlando Operas. With 600 workers, this Ocala, Florida, the factory is operational. For aircraft, Lockheed Martin offers cutting-edge systems. PCBs are also available for defense and maritime purposes. Even now, the firm is developing a vertical lift technology that might revolutionize how airplanes take off.

8. Magna Electronics Technology, Inc.  Magna Electronics Technology, Inc. focuses on making goods for the car sector. At this Holly, Michigan, site, its 600 staff are capable of designing whole automobiles. Additionally, they work on parts for power and vision systems.

9. TTM Technologies, Inc. Another factory run by TTM Technologies, Inc. in Forest Grove, OR, employs 580 people. For example, this manufacturer creates PCBs for the computing and medical industries.

10. Advanced Circuits, Inc. This Aurora, Colorado, company and its 500 staff members focus on short runs. Both standard and customized PCBs can be produced with speed. Additionally, Advanced Circuits provides a program that enables engineering students to view prototypes.

Selling to U.S. Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

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