PCB Manufacturer in the USA CUSTOM PCB MANUFACTURINGPCB Manufacturer in the USA

PCB Manufacturer in the USA


Leading PCB manufacturer Technotronix is situated in Anaheim, California, in the United States. Using the most recent PCB technology and equipment, we have more than 40 years of expertise delivering innovative PCB manufacturing services. We carefully abide by high standards, and our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS9100 Rev. D. From the production of simple circuit boards to the most sophisticated and finished circuit boards, we can meet the diverse needs of our customers!

Technotronix offers unrivaled quality and PCB manufacturing services by fusing cutting-edge technology with our sophisticated expertise. Several industries, including aerospace, defense and military, telecommunication, medical, renewable energy, and more, rely on us for circuit board manufacturing and PCB solutions.

The market's need for the newest kinds of gadgets is always growing. We have created a dependable procedure to satisfy the demand for our customers' printed circuit board layouts and fab as an established PCB manufacturer in the USA. Every single time, we build circuit boards with the quickest turnaround and lowest cost. Depending on the demands of the client, we provide offshore PCB manufacturing services.

This is Technotronix's primary area of expertise! Our procedure is designed to foresee issues before they arise. And from the first inquiry to the delivery of the final finished circuit boards, our staff has the abilities and knowledge required to guarantee a "hassle-free" procedure.

PCB Manufacturing in USA


Any electronics manufacturing company or OEM's core duty is the production and assembly of custom printed circuit boards. We are a custom circuit board made with a U.S. basis and complete internal production capabilities. The combination of our experienced team's skills, in-house engineering assistance, cutting-edge machinery, custom PCB manufacturing, and solutions is what sets us apart. We take pleasure in our close, cooperative relationships with our clients and guarantee the creation and manufacturing of 100% printed circuit boards and bare boards!

Technotronix produces circuit boards and bare boards in a variety of sizes, technologies, types, and complexity levels. With our in-house manufacturing, testing, quality control, and supply chain assistance, we can meet the needs of high-mix and complicated bespoke boards with low or high-volume circuit board requirements. Our heritage as a US-based PCB manufacturer for highly reliable custom PCB production fosters an environment where outstanding custom printed circuit boards may be made on every project, every day!

Customers use Technotronix because of our significant PCB manufacturing experience. Customers trust us to deliver exceptional PCB solutions on time and within budget thanks to our more than 40 years of experience in the PCB industry and our ability to provide advanced printed circuit board fabrication, layout, assembly, prototype circuit boards, turnkey circuit boards, and more under one roof.

From the first inquiry to ultimate delivery, we provide dependable PCB manufacturing services. Our consumers are aware that we reliably deliver every stage of manufacturing, and success depends on prompt, trustworthy communication. As a top producer of printed circuit boards in the USA, we make sure to adapt to the specific needs of each client.

Our business model depends on being prompt. You can depend on us as a professional PCB manufacturer in California to deliver high-quality bare boards and bespoke circuit boards on schedule and within budget. We manufacture typical surface mount and through-hole printed circuit boards. For whatever needs you may have for custom circuit boards, contact us!

PCB Manufacturing Core Competencies / Capabilities

  1. Introduction of a New Production (NPI)
  2. High Mix Low Volume Circuit Board Production in PCB Manufacturing
  3. PCB Production in Large Quantities (High volume Low Mix)
  4. Package component placement capabilities for PCB manufacturing
  5. Packaging for PCB Manufacturing (PoP)
  6. Flying probe and in-circuit testing for PCB manufacturing
  7. Selective Soldering/Wave Soldering for PCB Manufacturing Through Hole
  8. Box construction and system assembly for PCBs
  9. PCB Manufacturing Coating/Potting, Final Packaging, and Experience with the Box


  1. PCB Design and Layout
  2. Production Prepare
  3. Inner Layer Imaging
  4. Inner Layer Etching
  5. Inner Layer AIO
  6. Lamination
  7. Drilling
  8. Electroless Copper Deposition
  9. Horizontal Electrolyte Plating
  10. Outer Layer Imaging
  11. Graphic Plating
  12. Outer Layer Etching
  13. Solder Mask
  14. Surface Finish
  15. Profile
  16. Electrical Testing
  17. Final Visual Inspection
  18. Package & Delivery

We guarantee that our customers will receive what they need and when they need it thanks to our PCB manufacturing capabilities and cutting-edge technologies. We can assist you whether you need quick delivery, bulk production of PCBs with cutting-edge technology, or reasonable pricing.


Quick turn PCB Manufacturing services are provided by Technotronix for PCB designing, PCB assembly, PCB fabrication, PCB prototyping, electro-mechanical assembly, PCB box builds, and other PCB-related tasks. In addition, clients can choose between a kitted or turnkey option.

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