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Best PCB Manufacturers in the USA 

10 Best PCB Manufacturers in USA | Healthfet

The United States, which in many ways is the world's economic leader, serves as the foundation for the design and production of electronics. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to me that it's a leader in the printed circuit board industry as a seasoned admirer of circuit boards. Therefore, it would be prudent to work with a top-notch US PCB manufacturer if you want to buy excellent PCBs for your business or personal electronic needs. Along with the finest value offer, you will also receive premium printed circuit boards of your choice and first-rate customer service.

Best PCB Manufacturers in the USA
Best PCB Manufacturers in the USA 

Pick a Top U.S PCB Manufacturer

Any electronic device's operation frequently depends heavily on printed circuit boards. It guarantees accurate data, and electrical, and electronic signal transmission between electronic device components. You should buy high-quality PCBs to stay current in the present and the future has given the current digital electronic domination of the world. However, choosing the best manufacturer can be difficult due to the abundance of PCB producers in the US.

Consider that you prefer to swim to sink into the difficult chore of selecting the best PCB manufacturers in the USA. In that situation, it would be beneficial if you took into account a few key characteristics of leading PCB manufacturers. Some of the most important factors are listed below.

1. Location. Your choice of a manufacturing company should be influenced by how close the manufacturer's facility is to your business.

2. Ratings. Ratings of the manufacturing company's printed circuit boards and PCB services in terms of quality.

3. Recommendations. When trying to select a suitable PCB maker candidate, it ought to be a key factor. Consider referrals from friends, colleagues, and enthusiasts in addition to family members.

Attributes of a Top United States PCB Manufacturer

Many reputable PCB manufacturers have a few characteristics that define them as the best in the business at producing circuit boards. Therefore, to acquire a sense of a top PCB manufacturer in the USA, take into account the following qualities before typing phrases like "PCB assembly USA," "PCB manufacturing USA," "PCB assembly in the USA," or "PCB assembly services the USA."

  1. The printed circuit board's quality
  2. When evaluating a PCB manufacturing company's suitability for your PCB needs, quality becomes a crucial factor. It should include the correct board dimensions, perfectly positioned through-holes, and true-to-type PCB and error-free PCB end-products to the design submitted, among other things. Additionally, there must be evidence that the board exam has been successfully passed.
  3. the capability of fulfilling PCB specifications
  4. The top PCB manufacturer must adhere to accepted PCB criteria. It contains the number of layers of pig, the material types (tolerance, explicit requests, etc.), and so forth.
  5. The price of making or fabricating the PCB
  6. The top printed circuit board (PCB) maker should charge a fair price for their production costs. Although lowering prices can be considered a necessary component of creating successful PCB products, they should never fall to extraordinarily low levels. It results in the creation of inferior goods (poor quality of raw materials used).
  7. Timescale. The length of time it takes a PCB manufacturer from the time they receive the PCB order or design until they deliver determines the manufacturing company's standing as an exceptional one. As a result, it serves as a crucial factor in assessing a top printed circuit board manufacturer's capability and efficiency. Please be aware that occasionally the manufacturing time may not have any bearing on the PCB manufacturer's capacity to deliver PCB goods or services.
  8. No resemblance to any features of brokerage
  9. The ideal PCB manufacturing company should not resemble brokerage houses in any way. Many such PCB firms deal with circuit boards, however, they frequently show to be untrustworthy when hired to guarantee the PCB requirements and standards.
  10. sourcing of materials. To ensure speedy, dependable, and high-quality printed circuit board manufacturing, the top printed circuit board manufacturer for you will also provide PCB materials. Additionally, it will lower the price of producing PCBs.
  11. the ability to work together. A reputable PCB manufacturer will always make an effort to establish a cooperative relationship with you. The printed circuit board assembly and design processes are components of partnerships. Such cooperation will guarantee the speedy resolution of any PCB-related difficulties that arise throughout the production process.
  12. RoHS: The top maker of printed circuit boards must show that the RoHS rule is implemented in all aspects of the business. RoHS regulations restrict the use of hazardous compounds since producers are only given a very tiny amount of room to use them.
  13. Board evaluation. The PCB boards are always tested by reputable printed circuit board manufacturers before being delivered. It is a necessary step that distinguishes contracted manufacturing as an elite one. To ensure that the PCBs adhere to the established quality standards, the procedure frequently uses a sampling methodology.

The Top-Rated Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers in the United States

1. Advanced Circuitry International. 

The highly regarded printed circuit board manufacturer was founded in 1992 and specializes in the production of rigid, antenna, and RF/microwave printed circuit boards. This manufacturing company is perfect for you if you work in the defense, aerospace, medical device, or telecommunication industries.

The licensed manufacturer has state-of-the-art facilities, technologies, and equipment to deliver high-quality PCB goods and services. It also has staff that is highly qualified and trained to meet your various PCB demands.

The corporation that makes printed circuit boards has four top-notch production facilities on four separate continents, but its main office is in Duluth, Georgia, in the United States.

PCB services provided

manufacturing of high-quality PCBs in a variety of shapes and sizes, including multi-layer PCBs with buried or blind vias, low tolerance layers, and layer registration.

collaborative services for identifying special answers to certain PCB demands

Their storage facilities keep PCB materials in stock, which reduces lead times and raises prices.

Enormously sized printed circuit boards.

Amazing round-the-clock client service.

Services for prompt PCB delivery.

2. ACT (USA) International LLC.

The renowned PCB business with headquarters in Florida was founded in 1994. It is a supplier of high-quality printed circuit boards and is an ISO-certified company. Additionally, it abides by and supports the conflict minerals regulations' ideals.

The business offers fabrication and manufacturing services for rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex board kinds of PCBs. You can barely go wrong with this manufacturer with the variety of material varieties, board thickness possibilities, and up to twenty-two layers on offer. Additionally, you will receive your PCB goods on time.

The business, which has its headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, USA, takes pride in its dedication to and devotion to its clients.

PCB services provided

  1. manufacturing of prototype and production PCBs (including rigid, rigid-Flexi, and flexible PCB)
  2. Continually available, dependable client service
  3. testing the PCBs electrically

3. Active Sales Associates, Inc.

In 1990, the renowned and preeminent printed circuit board manufacturing was established. It is a reputable and skilled PCB maker that specializes in single-sided to multi-layer PCBs with metalcore or heatsinks, blind and hidden vias and BGA connectors. Additionally, you may purchase high-quality PCBs with the most recent finishes, solder mask supplies, and substrates for a reasonable cost.

To meet your PCB needs, the company has modern machinery, facilities, and equipment in addition to qualified employees. It ranks among the top manufacturers to rely on PCB needs with a committed strategy to consistently update its resources to comply and build premium PCBs. It is situated in the American state of Florida's Largo.

PCB services provided

  1. Production-level PCBs and manufacturing services, including high-quality rigid boards, are available.
  2. PCB fabrication with a quick turn-around time of no more than three weeks
  3. outstanding client service

4. Imagineering, Inc.

Many electrical companies in the USA and abroad use the company as their preferred PCB manufacturing location. It was established in 1986 and has since become an expert in the creation, assembly, and manufacture of many kinds of printed circuit boards, including both prototype and commercial-grade PCBs.

A modern and high-quality PCB for your demands is guaranteed by the accredited PCB manufacturing and assembly company's advanced machinery, highly skilled personnel, compact components, and novel yet extremely effective tolerance rules.

The corporation is based in Illinois, a state in the United States.

PCB services provided

  1. Four board varieties (HDI, rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible) are available for fabrication or manufacturing services for production and prototype.
  2. Prototype and PCB production with quick turnaround and delivery dates
  3. Through-hole, surface-mount, and mixed assembly services are available with lead-free soldering.
  4. Stencil both non-framework and framework
  5. services for repairing various printed circuit board components

5. RUSH PCB, Inc.

The PCB manufacturer demonstrates that it is a well-known business in the USA. It was founded in 1997 and specializes in the creation, design, assembly, and manufacture of various printed circuit boards. For all of your PCB needs, including PCB prototyping, production, and assembly services, RUSH PCB, Inc. serves as a one-stop shop.

The most suitable option for producing stiff, flexible, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards is the multi-certified PCB manufacturer. In addition, you can delight in the PCB assembly's unparalleled quality, quickness, and superb craftsmanship. All of these are potential outcomes thanks to the organization's highly skilled personnel and cutting-edge machinery.

It is situated in the American city of San Jose, California.

PCB services provided

  1. fabrication and manufacture of HDI, flexible, stiff, and rigid-flex PCBs (production and prototypes)
  2. Through-hole, surface-mount, and mixed assembly services are available, along with full turnkey and testing procedures.
  3. fantastic customer service

6. Advanced Circuits

Established in 1996, Advanced Circuits is recognized throughout the northern region of America and abroad as a leading manufacturer and PCB prototype company. Given that it handles the design, assembly, creation of stencils, and manufacturing of many PCB kinds, it is a fantastic solution for your printed circuit board manufacturing needs.

The company has a track record of meeting short turnaround times for both big and small PCB orders. It also has multiple certifications from the manufacturer. Additionally, you may depend on the business's superior, round-the-clock customer support services.

The American city of Aurora is where Advanced Circuits is situated.

PCB services provided

  1. Production and prototype PCBs, including HDI, flexible, rigid, rigid-flex, and hybrid PCBs, are made.
  2. Surface mount, thru-hole, and mixed assemblies are all available, along with leadless and leader soldering techniques.
  3. Depending on the type you choose, stencils might be non-framework or framework.

7. Advanced Electronics, Inc.

Advanced Electronics, Inc., a PCB manufacturer for the business, military, computer, and automotive sectors was established in 1997. To produce PCBs of the highest quality, the company not only has the newest technology and equipment but also qualified people resources. It is situated in Illinois, West Chicago, in the United States, and has the necessary certifications.

PCB services provided

  1. manufacturing and prototype of stiff PCBs with various material kinds, thicknesses, and layers of up to twelve

8. American Standard Circuits

The PCB manufacturing business takes pride in its ability to recognize PCB problems and provide appropriate solutions. It explores the creation of production-style PCBs of various board kinds as well as prototypes.

The business is situated in the American state of Illinois, West Chicago.

PCB services provided

  1. PCBs with up to thirty-four layers that are made of flexible, stiff-flex, rigid, and mixed dielectrics
  2. fantastic customer service

9. APCT, Inc.

The business, which was acquired in 2008, has established itself as a reputable and prominent PCB producer in the US and abroad. Along with its highly skilled team, it takes pleasure in using the most up-to-date PCB production equipment and technology to produce high-quality printed circuit boards.

The US city of Santa Clara, California, is home to the PCB maker.

PCB services provided

  1. creation of various board kinds (HDI, flexible, rigid, and rigid-flex PCBs)
  2. Along with high-quality PCB fabrication comes excellent customer service.

10. 911EDA, Inc.

In addition to providing services for schematic design, reviews, capture, and audit (software, hardware, firmware, and PCB layout), the company, which was founded in 2005, has proven to be a popular destination for PCB production. When you contract with us, you'll also get amazing customer service and prompt delivery of your PCB orders in addition to high-quality PCB components. Additionally, it is situated in Carlsbad, California, a US state.

PCB services provided

  1. Fabrication
  2. Assembly
  3. Automated and x-ray inspection
  4. Part procurement

Best PCB Manufacturers in USA final thought 

There is no denying printed circuit boards' importance in the modern world. However, manufacturing firms come in many shapes and sizes, so choosing one that can produce or assemble your PCB design is the first step in getting a high-quality PCB. Consider the top ten printed circuit board manufacturers listed above if you want to get the most for your money in the US when purchasing PCBs.

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