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Travel Insurance International

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Let's begin your journey with international travel insurance!

We have the incredible opportunity to see various cultures and savor delicious new cuisine when we travel. We might relive history or follow in the footsteps of our favorite movie and book characters when we travel abroad. Diverse people have different meanings for travel. We are certain that you want to have a safe and pleasurable vacation whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.

Sadly, there are a few factors that can put a wrench in the plans. You can find yourself alone in a strange place due to lost luggage, a minor mishap, or a medical emergency. Due to this, purchasing foreign travel insurance is crucial. You may take in all the sights and sounds without worrying about the little things when you get a TATA AIG international travel insurance package. Your ability to handle any unfortunate circumstances that may arise is ensured by our international travel insurance policy. We'll be there for you at every turn of the road, both physically and figuratively, whether it's delayed luggage, misplaced passports, or being caught with COVID-19*.

#1 Features Of International Travel Insurance

You are safe and comfortable while traveling internationally thanks to your international travel insurance policy. Here Are Some Features You Can Take Advantage Of If You Buy A TATA AIG International Travel Plan:

Coverage For Mishaps And Illness

Aside from the fact that becoming sick is never fun, getting sick while traveling is terrifying. Our policy will assist in covering some of the expenses related to receiving medical care when you are ill. That's not all, though. An accident may result in a brief hospital stay or may be fatal. No matter what transpires, our international travel insurance coverage will assist you in covering the expenses. We'll handle everything, including providing emergency medical care, medical evacuation, and repatriation of the insured's remains. If necessary, our foreign travel insurance would also cover emergency dental care.

Travel Assistance

Discovering a new place can be exciting. However, if something goes wrong, it can be extremely frightening. Our international travel insurance coverage will be there for you if you need assistance locating where you can receive medical care or how to go about applying for a new passport if yours is lost or stolen.

Baggage Loss Or Delay

You don't have to worry if your suitcase is stolen, lost, or delayed because it was accidentally left behind or sent somewhere else. With the aid of our foreign travel insurance plan, you can pay for any necessary personal purchases or get money back for lost luggage.

Personal Liability

You won't have to pay out of pocket if you cause an accident that results in someone getting hurt or damaging someone else's property. Our foreign travel insurance plan will assist in covering the cost of any required repairs or medical expenditures.

Hijack Cover

Our international travel insurance policy will give you a distress payment if you become a victim of a hijacking. We hope it helps, even though we are aware that it cannot undo the suffering you have experienced.

Automatic Extensions

We'll extend your foreign travel insurance policy for an additional 60 days or until you are discharged if you are unexpectedly hospitalized while traveling overseas. We will automatically extend our coverage for an additional seven days if your flight home is delayed and there is no alternative way for you to return home, so you won't have to worry about traveling without insurance.

#2 When, Where, And How To Choose International Travel Insurance?

Considerable thought and consideration must go into the decision to purchase an international travel insurance policy. Here are some crucial elements you should take into account when selecting an international travel insurance coverage to aid you in your decision:


Your destination will have a significant impact on your international travel insurance plan. You should research each country's regulations for travel insurance. For instance, you may be denied a travel visa by some nations unless you can demonstrate that your international travel insurance policy provides enough coverage.

Travel Frequency

How frequently you plan to travel will determine the type of international travel insurance policy you choose. A multi-trip travel insurance plan can be perfect for you if you travel regularly. With these policies, you can take numerous vacations without having to repeatedly apply for fresh travel insurance coverage. On the other hand, a single trip travel insurance policy can be more suitable for you if you only travel sometimes. Without the requirement for a pre-policy check-up, you can quickly apply for your travel insurance policy online and have it provided right away.

Duration Of The Trip

You must consider the duration of your vacation when choosing an overseas travel insurance package. Choose an international travel insurance coverage whose tenure is just a little bit longer than the dates of your actual trip. Finding a plan that provides coverage for extra days without raising your price is ideal. In this manner, you can avoid losing your cover if you need to extend your vacation by a few days.

People Travelling

You don't need to worry if you're traveling alone because you may get separate foreign travel insurance coverage for yourself. Each member of your family should be covered by your foreign travel insurance coverage if you are traveling together. Before you purchase the coverage, make sure to let us know how many of you are traveling, and we'll take the appropriate action. This makes managing everyone's paperwork much simpler for you.

Claim Limit

This may be one of the most significant variables affecting your choice. Each travel insurance coverage has a cap on how much it will reimburse for different claims. For instance, if your baggage is stolen or lost, you will be compensated with a certain amount. You must keep your claim limit and total insured amount in mind, even during a medical emergency. If your claim limit is insufficient, it might not be sufficient to cover all potential medical emergencies while you're traveling abroad. You should choose an appropriate sum insured for your international travel insurance coverage based on your destination and length of stay.

Although a bigger sum insured may result in a higher premium, it will be beneficial if you need to claim while you're traveling.

Travel Insurance International

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