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Buy Car Insurance Online

What is automobile insurance?

Various dangers associated with driving are covered by a policy known as "car insurance." To obtain an automobile insurance coverage from an insurer, you must pay an insurance premium (for example, ACKO). And in accordance with the relevant terms and circumstances, your insurer will provide financial help if your automobile sustains damage or if you cause damage to others while operating the insured vehicle.

Why is car insurance necessary?

The two basic justifications for why we require automobile insurance are as follows:

If there are damages, it gives financial assistance.

And it's required.

You might get into a lot of legal and financial trouble if you don't have automobile insurance. Therefore, it's essential to purchase a proper policy to satisfy these needs.

What kinds of automobile insurance packages are there in India?

Although different types of auto insurance policies may be marketed under various names, they all fundamentally give the following coverages.

Policy on Third-Party Liability

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that a third-party automobile insurance policy is required. As a result, you must purchase at least this policy in order to lawfully operate a vehicle on public highways in India. Why? Considering that it provides protection from third-party obligations for things like accident, death, and property damage.

Auto Insurance for Own Damage

Your third-party auto insurance policy aids you in cases of third-party liabilities, but it makes no provisions for help if your vehicle is damaged. You require Own Damage (OD) coverage for that. It is concentrated on protecting your car from damages brought on by mishaps, disasters, etc.

Comprehensive Automobile Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance policy combines the advantages of own damage and third-party coverage, making it essential. You can choose the appropriate add-ons in this case to increase your coverage.

Online auto insurance

With us, insuring your car is straightforward, convenient, and easy. We can easily provide practically all of our services online because we put digital first. You also receive the important features listed below.

astonishingly low premiums

Our digital setup allows us to operate at a cheap cost while selling you auto insurance coverage directly, free of middlemen commissions. As a result, premiums are reduced.

Nothing in writing

You don't have to spend time and effort filling out paper documents to get your automobile insured with ACKO. You aren't need to submit a lengthy list of papers either. The world is online!

Stress-free assertions

The days of worrying about filing an auto insurance claim are long gone. Your claims experience with us is sure to be stress-free with to features like free pickup and drop-off*, three-day repair guarantee*, and claim tracking! (*according to the terms and conditions)

Quick settlement

For small disputes, ACKO promises quick settlement. Major claims may take longer, but they are also resolved quickly. Both minor and major claims are resolved in accordance with the terms and conditions of the relevant policy.

comprehensive ease

Do you want to purchase auto insurance at midnight? Available. Renew the agreement on Sunday? Available. Bringing a claim on a holiday? Available. You receive complete ease with ACKO for anything insurance-related!

the many automobile insurance policies we provide

Considering purchasing an auto insurance policy? We provide a variety of policies to meet your specific needs. Please take note that the availability of these guidelines, functions, and add-ons. For more information, please consult the relevant policy wordings.

Third-Party Insurance

A third-party liability four-wheeler insurance policy protects you from financial obligations if you accidently harm someone or damage their property.

Own Damage Insurance

Defendants' Liability When it comes to damage from accidents, natural catastrophes, fire, or theft, car insurance coverage is insufficient. These protections are offered by an Own Damage Insurance policy.

Buy Car Insurance Online

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