Buy & Renew Car Insurance Online | Upto 80%* Off - Healthfet

Buy & Renew Car Insurance Online | Up to 80%* Off - Healthfet

A contract between a car owner and an insurance provider known as "car insurance" or "four-wheeler insurance" provides protection for four-wheelers in the event of financial losses brought on by unforeseeable occurrences like accidents and natural disasters. This agreement is typically seen as a piece of paper to be kept on the dashboard of the automobile and only removed in the event that a traffic officer ever requests your papers. But there's more! Your four-wheeler is financially protected by this document in the event of damage or loss from an accident. No matter how cautious you are, there is a chance that you will have a car accident and incur significant repair costs.

There are several types of four-wheeler insurance, such as third-party auto insurance, which guards against financial repercussions in the event that the insured car unintentionally damages a third party's vehicle or property or injures a third party or person. This liability-only or third-party auto insurance coverage does not cover harm done to the insured vehicle. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, if you wish to drive your car on the road in India, you must have a current third-party insurance policy.

A different kind of auto insurance policy is comprehensive auto insurance, which covers not only any third-party liability but also any monetary harm to the car that may result from mishaps, theft, fire, and natural disasters like lightning, storms, floods, and cyclones as well as man-made harm like vandalism and riots. And not just that! You can also get a personal accident insurance policy, which will pay for any accidents-related injuries or, God forbid, severe physical harm!

Depending on your needs, you can select a third party, comprehensive, or even a stand-alone damage coverage when you purchase auto insurance online. To assist you in determining the level of security and coverage your car requires, Tata AIG provides a selection of third-party and comprehensive auto insurance packages online. With the help of 13 add-ons, comprehensive auto insurance coverage can be further enhanced. Enter your car's information and check quotes to locate the four-wheeler-appropriate auto insurance plan!

Why Is Car Insurance Necessary?

To protect you and your vehicle against a variety of circumstances and potential outcomes that could result in monetary losses, you must have automobile insurance or four-wheeler coverage. You should get comprehensive or third-party four-wheeler insurance for the following reasons:

adherence to the law

The Motor Vehicles Act mandates that all drivers carry third-party auto insurance. Therefore, third-party insurance is a minimum need for every vehicle operating on Indian highways. Without a valid policy, you risk getting into legal problems and facing expensive driving fines.

Defense against third-party responsibility
When the insured four-wheeler accidentally damages a third party's vehicle or property or injures a third party person, third-party liability is created. These third-party obligations are covered by third-party auto insurance, or even a comprehensive auto insurance policy, which shields the owner of the insured vehicle from monetary losses. To protect you from a variety of hazards, Tata AIG offers four-wheeler insurance products with both basic and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Protection from theft
Your auto insurance coverage can pay for the financial losses and make up for the loss of the car or the cost of replacing or repairing the car parts if your four-wheeler or car parts are stolen. Tata AIG guarantees a rapid and efficient settlement process to give you the insured amount for your automobile in the event of a total loss (damage that cannot be repaired) or theft of your vehicle.

Considerations When Choosing Auto Insurance

Although purchasing auto insurance is a straightforward process, it does take some time and extensive research. Tata AIG provides automobile insurance packages that are tailored to different individual demands and budgets since it recognizes the significance of having appropriate four-wheeler insurance coverage. When purchasing auto insurance, you should take into account the following:

Car Insurance Policy Types

Tata AIG provides a variety of auto insurance plans, all of which are created to meet the various requirements of automobile owners for the coverage they require:

Comprehensive Automobile Insurance
In comparison to a basic third-party four-wheeler insurance policy, the comprehensive car insurance policy provides extensive coverage. It provides protection against third-party liabilities as well as damage from accidents, car loss, natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and cyclones, as well as man-made disasters. A complete four-wheeler insurance coverage does not, however, cover damages caused by driving while intoxicated or outside the specified driving zone.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Auto Insurance

The cost of the four-wheeler insurance coverage is the primary factor considered when buying a car insurance policy. Owner-drivers compare auto insurance plans based on the required premium and typically select the one that is least expensive. As a result, you must be aware of the elements influencing the premium if you want to select a car insurance plan that is affordable. These are them:

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