Holiday Home Insurance in the United Kingdom, home insurance uk

Holiday Home Insurance in the United Kingdom, home insurance uk

When utilised by you, your friends and family, or as a vacation rental, you will have peace of mind.

There are no limits on unoccupied units or winter warranties.
Designed for holiday rental and personal use
Theft insurance, including theft by guests, protects against unintentional and purposeful damage.

Includes £5 million in public and employers' liability insurance, as well as expert claims support from the United Kingdom.


Cottage Insurance for Vacations
Finding holiday property insurance in the United Kingdom might be difficult. Exclusions and restrictions in the terms and conditions can make you worry that if you need to file a claim, you won't be protected.

What if you are unable to visit your vacation home frequently enough to meet the minimum occupancy requirements and winter warranties? Or there's a burst pipe or a break-in while the house is unoccupied, and you don't notice the damage for weeks. Nobody wants to consider it, but what if a paying guest who is renting your vacation cottage is injured? Are you going to be covered?

Schofields' specialty holiday home insurance in the UK is designed to provide you with piece of mind. There are no unoccupancy or winter warranty restrictions, and you are covered if you rent out your vacation property to vacationers. Our comprehensive holiday home insurance policy in the United Kingdom is exactly that.

We'll be there to assist you get back to normal if the unexpected happens and you need to file a claim.

Insurance for vacation homes

Holiday homes are not covered by standard home insurance. This is due to the fact that most houses are kept idle for more than 30 days, increasing the danger of theft or damage. Furthermore, if you rent out your vacation home to paying guests, you run the danger of further damage or harm.

What you need is a specialised UK holiday house insurance policy that not only covers all of the hazards covered by a conventional policy, but also any periods when the holiday home is unoccupied, rented out short-term to paying visitors, or rented out to family and friends.

What does vacation home insurance cover?

UK holiday home insurance, like ordinary home insurance, often covers your property and belongings against loss or damage as a result of incidents such as theft, flood, storm, water escape, subsidence, or fire.

The policy is divided into two parts: buildings insurance (which covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding the structure) and contents insurance (which covers the cost of replacing the goods) (which covers damaged or stolen items within the holiday home). These can be purchased independently or as part of a single insurance.

It's generally considered contents if it's something you'd take with you if you moved to a new vacation home. It would be devastating if it stayed behind.

If you rent out your holiday home in the UK, you should get a policy that covers loss of rent, accidental damage, alternative lodging, legal bills, employers' liability insurance, and public liability insurance.

Buildings Insurance for Vacation Homes

If your holiday home's primary structure and permanent fixtures and fittings, such as the roof, walls, flooring, ceilings, fitted kitchen, or bathrooms, are damaged, buildings insurance will cover them. Garages, barns, and sheds should all be included in the coverage.

Points to Remember

The cost of normal wear and tear, as well as routine maintenance, is not covered.
Make sure your insurance policy covers the cost of repairing your vacation home, including any outbuildings, pools, tennis courts, or hot tubs. Debris removal charges, as well as professional design and engineer fees, should be factored in.
If you don't insure for the full reinstatement value, your claim compensation may be decreased.

Contents insurance for vacation homes
If your personal belongings, such as furniture, kitchen appliances, electricals, soft furnishings, and carpets, are damaged, destroyed, or stolen, contents insurance will cover them.

Consider how much it would cost to replace all of the objects in each room when it comes to contents insurance.

Points to Remember

Typically, valuables and guests' belongings are not insured.
Household appliance failure is not covered.
Only a fixed amount of single goods are covered.

What Makes Us Stand Out When It Comes to Holiday Home Insurance in the United Kingdom?

Our specialised holiday home insurance policy contains tailored protection for your property against the different hazards that come with owning and renting out vacation homes.

  • There are no requirements to examine or inhabit your vacation cottage on a regular basis.
  • No winter warranties - There's no need to empty, switch on the heat, or turn off the water as a matter of course.
  • A policy that is adaptable Whether you use your vacation home personally, rent it out to friends and family, or rent it out professionally to paying visitors, you're covered.
  • No security requirements – We do not require special locks to be installed on doors and windows.
  • There's no need to establish forceful entry to get full theft coverage. Most plans don't protect you for theft unless someone forcibly breaks in if someone walks out and leaves a window open, but Schofields does.
  • £5 million public liability insurance is required in the event that someone suffers an accident at your UK vacation property and makes a claim against you. You're also covered if you have a pool or hot tub.
  • Employers' liability insurance of £5 million - In the event that someone working at your vacation home, such as your cleaner or maid, has an accident and files a claim.
  • Accidental content damage - The coverage can be expanded to include damage to contents caused by you, your guests, or your pets.
  • Building damage caused by accident - There is an option to indicate building damage caused by accident.
  • We'll reimburse the loss of pre-booked rental income if your holiday cottage can't be used due to a claim.
  • Costs of alternative lodging - In the event of a loss or damage to the holiday home, we'll cover the costs of finding alternative lodging for holidaymakers.
  • Eviction of overstaying guests, property infringement, consumer, residential, and tax protection are all covered by legal expenditures insurance. (Optional)
  • We believe that filing a claim should be simple and straightforward. Our helpful UK-based advisors are here to help you get back to normal after a claim.
  • Schofields has specialised in insuring holiday houses since 1984 through Lloyds of London underwriters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vacation Home Insurance

How much should my vacation house be insured for?

Holiday home buildings insurance should cover the cost of reconstructing your vacation home in the UK, including the structure (walls, windows, and roof) as well as permanent 'fixtures and fittings,' such as fitted kitchens. Any external property, such as household outbuildings, garages, fixed fuel oil tanks, garden sheds, swimming pools, drives, patios, walls, and fences, should also be covered.

When figuring out how much buildings insurance you'll need, keep in mind that the sum insured should cover the entire cost of rebuilding your vacation home. Under no circumstances does the rebuild value match the property's market worth. It is your obligation to estimate the cost of a rebuild.

Refer to your purchase survey for your rebuilding value, index link the figure provided if the survey is old, and add any renovation costs. Alternatively, hire a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) surveyor to inspect your home and produce an insurance valuation.

Furniture, household goods, electrical equipment, carpets, draperies, and objects kept in the garden, garage, or outbuildings should all be covered by holiday home contents insurance. Contents are typically defined as whatever you might reasonably remove and transport to another residence if you moved.

Your contents insurance should cover the expense of completely replacing all of your belongings. Use a contents calculator or simply wander around your house from room to room adding up the worth (new for old) of everything to calculate your contents sum insured.

How much does it cost to insure a vacation home?

Insurers compute your insurance price based on a variety of variables, including the property's location, kind, security, risk of flooding or subsidence, the extent of your coverage, and how likely you are to file a claim.

The premium for structures insurance is determined by the rebuild value, while the premium for contents insurance is determined by the cost of replacing your items. Additional coverage, such as accidental damage and legal fees insurance, may incur an additional cost.

What if I decided to rent out my vacation home?

Whether you use your holiday cottage yourself, lend it to friends and family, or rent it out as a commercial holiday let, our versatile 'catch-all' policy covers you. Short-term rental insurance covers public and employers' responsibility, theft or damage by guests/pets, the expense of alternative lodging, and the loss of rental income.

Some plans aren't as extensive as others, and don't cover commercial holiday letting or guests staying at your home. There are also policies that govern both letting and personal use. When comparing holiday home insurance coverage, keep this in mind.

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