In the United Kingdom, the Best Private Health Insurance Companies

 In the United Kingdom, the Best Private Health Insurance Companies

Because of the NHS's record backlog, UK health insurance is becoming more popular. This guide compares and reviews the top private health insurance companies and their healthcare plans to help you find the best option for you. It was last updated in June 2022.

In the United Kingdom, there are nine finest private health insurance firms.

Based on customer evaluations, industry awards, and private health insurance coverage, we determined that the following firms (in alphabetical order) are now the finest private health insurance companies in the UK (as of June 2022):

Aviva Bupa Freedom Health Insurance Axa PPP Healthcare

Saga of National Friendship

WPA for Exeter Vitality

Our comprehensive health insurance comparison of the best suppliers in the UK

Here are our nine comprehensive reviews of the best private healthcare providers in the United Kingdom. We hope these help you grasp the fundamental distinctions between the insurers and their most popular products.

Please keep in mind that the best health insurance company for you will be different from the best health insurance company for someone else, and we haven't been able to go over every detail about each of these insurers here. When you're ready, talk to a health insurance broker who can help you narrow down your choices and get the best private health insurance for you!

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WPA is quickly becoming one of the most well-known private health insurance firms in the United Kingdom. WPA is a non-profit organisation, therefore they operate a little differently than the majority of the ones we've looked at. WPA's main drawback is that they only cover people under the age of 65, but aside from that, we think they're fantastic.

Premier & Elite WPA Flexible Health

WPA's main policy is called "Flexible Health," and it comes in two flavours: "Premier" and "Elite." Both the WPA Flexible Health Premier and Elite policies are extensive, with good cancer coverage and one of the top consultant and hospital lists on the market.

Highlights of policy

WPA, like several of the other major health insurers, uses a community-based approach to rating their plans. As a result, individual claims will have no bearing on the cost of your renewals, and you may be able to save money.

WPA is unique in that therapy coverage is included as standard if you upgrade your outpatient coverage, whereas most other health insurance companies charge extra for it. WPA also offers free dental coverage, with £200 per year towards general dental expenditures (including outpatient coverage), which is both generous and uncommon among the insurers we looked at.

Finally, WPA is one of the most flexible in terms of who you can see and how you can be treated, allowing you to see any doctor you want and access to most private hospitals in the UK (bar a few in central London unless you pay extra). WPA isn't always the cheapest option. Despite this, our experts think that WPA is now the finest private health insurance provider in the UK.

Key Advantages

This is an excellent core package that provides you with more coverage than most.

Individual claims do not effect renewals in a community-rated plan.

As we'll see later, high levels of consumer satisfaction are a given.

Consultant access is unrestricted, and the hospital list is outstanding.

Outpatient coverage includes therapies and dental coverage as normal.

Self-employed and professional workers can get up to a 20% discount.

It's a fantastic online app for registering and managing claims.

Comprehensive cancer coverage

Non-profit organisation, allowing more money to be invested in its members. Shared responsibility excess, lowering the amount you pay for each claim.

If you choose this option, you will have excellent outpatient coverage.

The most significant drawbacks

Over 65s are not covered.

There is only a small amount of mental health help in the basic product.

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